Fluffcrobes the Game – a Bored Koi game featuring the hand-made plus creations of my wife as shown to the right.  This blog page will be my Developer Diary as I build out my vision of animated silliness within the Unity3D Game Engine.

What’s a Fluffcrobe?  Well, it’s just the cutest cuddle-wuddleist alien microbe you’ve ever seen, that’s what!  They come in all different sizes and colors, and a few rare varieties have been spotted in the wild:

  • The Ghostly Crobe
  • The Antenna Crobe

The next question is just WHAT could these little things possibly want to do inside an iPhone game.  I’m not quite sure of that myself, but I’ve set out on a design and coding adventure to find out.  Along the way I’m teaching myself 3D modeling in the wonderful, free tool that is Blender.  If my wife can hand make the plushies, I SURE should be hand-making the models.  I mean, how else are these little guys going to end up doing insanely cool things like flying around in space, dodging Crobe-seeking missles and ice-cold comet remains!!  Now we’re talkin’!

Crobe Wars – one of 3 game “modes”:

That’s what lies ahead for iPhone, iPod, and iPad, plus two other game modes. If nothing else, this has been an amazing learning experience already, and a wonderful year-round hobby. Talk about bringing your dreams to life!

If you’re interesting in shopping for the plushies, you can find them here on my wife’s Etsy storefront.

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