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Ghostly Crobe for Halloween

September 23, 2012 Leave a comment

I can’t wait for October to get here. I love October. What can I say. I was born in October. Got married in October. Football-is-in-full-swing-weather-is-awesome-leaves-are-still-in-trees-only-holiday-on-horizon-is-HALLOWEEN kinda October! And GHOSTLY crobe appears :). Of all the Fluffcrobes my wife hand-makes and sells over on Etsy (click to shop in new tab), he’s my favorite:

Not to be outdone by the Crobe is his buddy the Cuddly Corn, shown with beautiful hand model here to give some scale to the plush toys.  I haven’t tried turning this one into a 3D Model yet, but that’s definitely on the TODO list.

So there’s a little bit of random cuteness for a Sunday morning with a tip o’ the hat to my better half for being so talented.  Keep an eye out for a dedicated “Fluffcrobes” menu tab up top — that’s where I’m setting up a developer diary for the iPhone game I’m building featuring them as the playable characters!

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